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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of creating arts and images through the use of different software tools to represent their ideas into reality through visualization of the design. Graphic designing work can happen at any scale, from the design of a single postal stamp to a national postal signage system. Being a graphic designer, it gives opportunities to a designer to present their ideas on the design for business purpose or marketing and it also helps to create an identity for the designer on the basis of their work. Graphic Designers in Nepal create designs for different business promotional activities which includes creating brochures, posters, business advertisement. A graphic designer also creates images or design for different information which will be used in newspapers and magazines.

In Nepal, Graphic designers analyze and creates images visually for business and organizations. Graphic designers have a good knowledge about visual communication and have the ability to create designs according to the needs of the customers. Graphic designers in Nepal must have a good communication skills to understand the customer’s requirement and create designs to meet the customer’s requirements. In Nepal, the duties/responsibilities of a graphic designer include computer graphics and design, desktop publishing projects and even web-sites. A graphic designer must create illustrations, logos, brochures, web graphics and other forms of visual communication.

The work done by Graphic designers in Nepal will promote the business activities in the market and influence more audience to get involved with the designer. The promotion of the design can be done through creating brochures and web-sites because the information about the design will be available to the customers easily. Every company in Nepal must have a graphic designer because:


  1. Graphic designers will help create image (logo) for the company which will help distinguish the company from other companies and attract potential customers.
  2. Company’s advertisement and marketing will also be increase through the work of a graphic designer.
  3. Graphic designer will help understand the needs of a customer and create proper designs for their business.
  4. Graphic designers will utilize the designs in the best way which will eventually promote business objectives and company/brand recognition.



 Graphic design in Nepal is a career which provides different opportunities for a graphic designer to present their ideas on different designs according to the demands of the customers. A good designer must have a good communication skills to understand the requirements of the customers easily because sometimes the customers doesn’t have a clear view or idea on what they want. Graphic designer must also have a good time management skill so that different projects can be managed without any problem. All the projects must be completed in time and reviewed after completion.


 Graphic design course will train the student to apply the principles and element of design in product branding, and advertising. It includes all the process that goes into the making of print for commercial, editorial, and educational process. The demands of a graphic designer is high in Nepal because every company want innovative talents. Graphic design courses will enhance the skills that will be useful for a future career in related field. Graphic designing course in Nepal are:


  1.  Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe In-design
  3. Adobe Illustrator
  4. Freehand


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