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Video Door Phone and Door Lock

Video Door Phone and Door Lock


In the context of the physical security and information security, an access control is used. Access control is defined as the device which is used in the selective restriction places with the authorization of the limited number of people to access. Access control is not all about access but also about the access control system that suits according to the security system of the organization. Access control can be of two types: locks and login credentials.

The lock is a device to secure the important property or information from theft, threats or unwanted authorities. Locks can be either physical or electric. Nowadays, mostly physical locks are usually for the normal people to secure the property form the outsiders (normally invaders). Physical locks have its own specialized keys to unlock. The different types of physical keys are the pin tumbler lock, a wafer tumbler lock, disc tumbler lock/Abloy lock and lever tumbler lock. Whereas electronic keys are usually used in the companies or personal building (with high status). The electric locks work by an electric current with access connected to an access control system. The different types of electric keys can be keycard lock, smart lock, and sidebar lock.

Login credentials are the process of gaining access to the system by identifying and authenticating themselves usually by the “username” and “password”. This type of access control is used in practice to give them access to the area or attendance depending on the purpose of the individual. When the access is not in use the user can log out/sign off etc.


Door lock access control system works in many ways depending on the types of access control system and also in case of emergency. They are mechanical access control, manual door locks, electronic access control and interlocking door system.

Mechanical access control is a fundamental way to prevent unwanted ingress and egress in a building. Mechanical access control is a set of pins, obstructions or wards to prevent locks from egressing unless the correct pin or key is inserted. Mechanical access control is affordable and dependable security tools which are used by the normal people to secure their property. Mechanical locks are suitable where there is less requirement of constant monitoring or an audit trail.

Manual door locks are the normal door locks which are opened by the keys or push buttons. These locks are easily available and can be unlocked with some technique, so it is not used for in the commercial buildings.

Electronic access control can be set up for doors, cabling, locks, and readers. Electronic locks are used by the means of an electric current which is connected by the access control system. Electronic access control can be of an electronic magnetic lock, electronic strikes, and electronic deadbolts and latches.

Electronic magnetic locks are the standard in the modern office for many reasons, especially which have glass doors. These locks work on how much force they can hold withhold. Electronic strikes are the locks used mostly for the woods or metal doors. Electric strikes are installed in the simplest manner I one-for-one drop-in replacement but in some case, the design needs to be heavily modified. Electric mortise and cylindrical locks are the mechanical locks which are drop-in replacements for door-mounted that allows free egress.

Video Door-phone

Video door-phone is a stand-alone intercom system that is controlled by audiovisual communication to enter to a building. Video door-phone allows a monitor to see the occupant while making calls to ingress into the building. Video door phone only allows authorization to the certain person. The access control system must be installed with equipment (outdoor panel, electronic lock, indoor monitor). Video door-phone consists of security layers and technologies and classification. Insecurity layers, there consists of 2 layers.

•    Level 1: system at the community entrance.

•    Level 2: Lobby security

•    Level 3: visitor communities with the outdoor camera

Whereas in technologies and communication,

It is further divided into standalone and multi-apartment. A standalone video door phone is used in an individual owner who likes to keep the privacy of their personal life.

•    Analog VDP

•    Connected digital VDP

•    Wireless video doorbell (VDB)

On the other hand, for the large housing area multi-apartment is used that can be:

•    Analog Multi-apartment system

•    IP VDP multi-apartment system

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