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PABX stands for Private Automated Brand Exchange. PABX is a private telephone network used by call centers and other large organizations. PABX switches telephone automatically within enterprises. PABX phone system users can communicate within their company and with the outside world, utilizing different communication station.

The key features of PABX are transfer calls, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus (IVR) and call queues. An automated attendant enables callers to be automatically transferred to a receiver without the participation of an operator. An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a gadget or framework that distributes approaching calls to a specific group of terminals that agents use. It is usually part of a PC communication joining (CTI) framework.  Automatic Ring Back is another key feature of PABX, at the point when their line is free, the first guest's telephone rings with an unmistakable ring so one knows it is automated ring back and not a general call and, when the telephone is grabbed, it calls the other number since the line is presently free.  The wireless headset is also a feature of PABX, which provides Bluetooth function. It allows multiple pairing and switch between calls from PABX Phone System and Mobile Phones.

PABX is perfect for all type business. They offer cheap choices with adaptable features for their inside telephone lines. Client benefit is affordable and PABX system ordinarily offer adaptability and also better than expected security and maintenance.  Many of business are investing in PABX system because it is very cost effective and a worthy investment in the long-run. PABX is easily manageable and user-friendly and do not require technicians to install or maintain the system. PABX system allows for a better communication flow between departments and staff.  PABX system is highly functional, you can automatically record calls, generate detailed reports and track performance over time.  PABX systems are very high in demand due to its mobility. PABX systems place international and long-inaccessible calls through the Internet which makes it extremely flexible to work from a wide range of areas. A virtual switchboard system can reach employees, allowing them to work from their mobile phones and even they are overseas.

Though the PABX has made businesses communications much more efficient and effective since its development, it still has some drawbacks.  One of the major disadvantages of PABX   is its dependence on a constant power supply. It needs proper cabling to avoid power outages due to improper wiring and to minimize power consumption. PABX installation and configuration charges huge investment cost. PABX needs upgrades and maintenance downtime, a solution to this would be to implement scheduling for updates so that only a part of the system is shut down.  Another disadvantage of PABX is the list of restrictions and scalability limitations.  It requires line expansions and this includes the purchase and installation of additional equipment to support new users which require appreciable budget allocation.

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