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Digital Video Recorder (DVR) in Nepal is an analog video surveillance camera system that captures analog videos signals and convert it in a digital format which can be stored in different magnetic storage devices such as USB Flash drive, memory card, SSD, etc. Since DVR uses analog signals, cameras must be connected to the DVR directly through the use of wired cables. DVR uses coaxial cable for its connection with the camera for storing and recording the videos.

There are different merits of using DVR. DVR in Nepal is simple to understand and use. Unlike NVR, DVR systems cannot be hacked online. DVR is safe and secure compared to NVR. Installing a DVR system is cost-effective because they are cheaper. DVR systems can be managed easily

Network Video Recorder (NVR) in Nepal is an Internet Protocol (IP) based video recording surveillance system which uses a software program rather than a dedicated video capture hardware. Through the use of NVR, a user can use the software program to observe multiple IP cameras that can be accessed from anywhere. Unlike DVR, it doesn’t need to be connected to the cameras with the help of cables and it can access the camera wirelessly. NVR uses Ethernet cables.

There are different merits in using NVR. DVR in Nepal can be installed easily and faster since it doesn’t require wired cables. DVR provides high-quality video recording and have advanced features like motion detection and greater resolutions. NVR systems can be accessed from anywhere by connecting to the internet for live viewing.

 DVR vs NVR in Nepal

As broad as their sounds are, there are several different similarities and dissimilarities between DVR and NVR. For instance, both DVR and NVR are video recording surveillance systems. DVR systems are complicated to set up whereas NVR can be installed easily. In terms of budget, DVR is cheaper whereas NVR is expensive. The range of DVR cameras cannot exceed more than 1000 feet away from the DVR system. Above 1000 feet of distance, the signal strength of the DVR will decrease. But the signal strength of NVR is low as compared to DVR due to wireless cameras for the NVR. In terms of quality, NVR in Nepal can record up to 4K resolution but DVR in Nepal can record only up to the 1080pixel resolution. DVR in Nepal allows remote video access while NVR in Nepal allows direct access to the video feeds. NVR in Nepal is more flexible and scalable than DVR in Nepal because NVR can be placed anywhere within an internet connection, unlike DVR. In Nepal, DVR systems are outdated compared to NVR which results in increased potential issues in using DVR systems.  The view recorded with the DVR cannot be accessed remotely while the video recorded with the NVR can be accessed remotely through a network connection.

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